Personnel Audit

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The art of personnel management is based on the proper recognition and leveraging of the employees’ potential. A company should regularly monitor to what extent its employees are qualified to perform specific duties. Carrying out verification is recommended especially in situations when a company is planning to make some important staff decisions. Conducting a personnel audit allows for an objective assessment of skills and qualifications.

The procedure for assessing the potential can be applied to the entire groups or individual employees. The steps of the process are strictly adjusted to the specifics of a certain company, but they generally fall within the following framework:

  • An in-depth interview with a candidate / employee, which is focused on the assessment of the so far career, getting to know his or her motivation and career aspirations.
  • Verification of the substantive and practical knowledge in a particular field.
  • Creating a personality profile of a candidate / employee in the context of the most important factors including interpersonal skills, management style, temperament, coping with stressful situations, etc.

The client receives a comprehensive report as a result of carrying out an audit, which covers all the relevant aspects of the analysis. A standard report includes the following elements:

  • Description and discussing each stage of the proceedings.
  • Analysis of the predispositions of employees in terms of positions held by them or positions to which they aspire.
  • Analysis of the psychological competences and assessment of the intellectual potential of all the surveyed employees.
  • Suggestions on the direction of individual employees’ development in the company’s structures.
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