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Recruited profiles

We help you to recruit employees who have the necessary experience and license in the field of water and sewage, gas, electricity and energy:

  • Contract Directors,
  • Project Managers,
  • Site Managers,
  • Works Managers,
  • Site Engineers,
  • Experienced specialists:
    • – Technical Specialists (Chief Technologists, Materials Engineers, etc.),
    • – Production Specialists,
    • – Quoting and Pricing Specialists,
    • – Specialists responsible for obtaining contracts,
    • – Financial Specialists,
    • – Logistics and Supply Specialists,
    • – Work Safety and Fire Safety Specialists,
  • Skilled manual workers and operators of construction equipment.

Professional recruitment:

The appropriately selected employees comprise the most valuable potential of each company. Recruitment of employees with the right qualifications is therefore one of the basic conditions of a company’s success and its further development. As recruitment company we are aware of the responsibilities associated with the appropriate selection of staff, we strive to recruit for our clients the best candidates on the labour market. We act according to the following proven procedures:

  • selection of the most effective method of acquiring candidates, including the method of Headhunting /Direct Search and Executive Search/,
  • working on the basis of a complex Job Description made with the utmost care to detail, which enables us to select employees who best meet the requirements of our Customers,
  • creating a recruitment procedure based on a specific position and the Customer’s individual needs (modifications may be introduced at any stage of implementing the procedure),
  • organising multistage recruitment processes, using a variety of verification tools checking the competences and skills of our candidates depending on a job description and a specific position:
    • Competence interviews
    • Tests of professional knowledge
    • Psychological tests
    • Assessment Centre sessions
  • veryfying information included in the CVs of applicants as a standard part of the recruitment process,
  • each recruitment process is coordinated by a Project Manager who specialises in the selection of professionals in a given field,
  • we offer the possibility to organise video conferences and conference calls with the selected candidates, which allows the Customer to carry out a preliminary or a final remote verification,
  • Database of EngineersW&BS Personnel Consulting is one of the few HR companies specialising in the recruitment of highly qualified engineers using dedicated service Database of Engineers which is a significant source of acquiring candidates.

The benefits of cooperation:

  • you can save time and money involved in the recruitment process,
  • you meet only with candidates who satisfy all the requirements of a specific position,
  • you entrust the recruitment process to professionals who possess specialised knowledge, experience and network of contacts in a certain field,
  • thanks to the proven and effective methods of recruitment, you can have the access to the best candidates on the labour market,
  • we act according to the principle of „success fee”, which means that the fee is charged after the effective completion of the recruitment process,
  • you receive a confirmation of the quality of our services in the form of a guarantee period for each employee.

Thanks to the use of the most up to date tools of recruitment and selection, we recommend only those candidates who meet the expectations of our Customers.

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