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Recruitment of Chief Accountant

Recruitment of Chief Accountant Finance is the lifeblood of each company. Effective management and control of accounting and financial processes directly affects the stability of the company. If we do not have a CFO on board, it is the Chief Accountant who is a direct support for the company’s management board in any accounting and […]

Recruitment of Sales Director/Manager

Recruitment of Sales Director/Manager WBS specializes in recruiting salespeople in domestic and international sales/export. When searching for the best candidates for our customers, we focus on making sure that the candidate best matches our customer’s expectations. What should the ideal candidate for the position of Sales Director be like? A Sales Director is a leader […]

Recruitment of B2B Salesman, KAM

How to recruit B2B Salesman, KAM? There are similar sales processes, however no processes are exactly alike. The basic distinction is between B2B and B2C. What makes them different? ALL.The length of the sales process: in B2B it usually takes longer, in B2C it usually takes less time. The purchase decision: in B2B it is […]

How to find, recruit Growth Hacker Marketing Specialist/Manager

How to find, recruit Growth Hacker Marketing Specialist/Manager Companies strive to maximize their sales and margins. To do so, we reach out to marketers who build a system of marketing activities that determine sales. There are many marketing models to choose from, however the fastest growing field in recent years is growth hacker marketing focusing […]

Recruitment of CNC Programmer/Technologist

How to recruit a CNC Programmer/Technologist What does a CNC PROGRAMMER /TECHNOLOGIST do? A CNC programmer, as the name suggests, programs CNC machines, in other words, creates certain instructions (CNC programs) according to which the appropriate trajectories of tool movement, spindle speed, tool parameters and other settings necessary for execution of a workpiece are set. […]

Recruitment for the position of Managing Director

Recruitment for the position of Managing Director Increasing employment costs are forcing employers to seek specialized employees to optimize most processes so that the company consistently generates a certain profit. A person taking the position of Managing Director is responsible for raising the profitability of the entire organization by applying innovative solutions in the comprehensive […]

Recruitment of Production Director/Manager

How to recruit Production Director/Manager Increasing production and labor costs are forcing employers to look for experts to optimize production processes so that the organization remains competitive and constantly controls costs. A person assuming or already holding the post of Production Director/Manager is responsible for increasing the efficiency/profitability of the entire organization by applying some […]

Recruitment of CNC Milling Machine or Lathe-Turning Machine Operator/Setter

How to recruit a CNC Milling Machine or Lathe / Turning Operator? When looking for this type of experts, advertisements do not work. That’s why the mode of operation is the same as when recruiting other profiles we source, WHAT MEANS THAT: An expert must be found, and we are the ones who reach out […]

CNC CAD-CAM Programmers recruitment

How to recruit CNC CAD-CAM Programmers WBS sp. z o.o. recruit CNC CAD-CAM Programmers for customers who are located in Poland and other UE countries. We specialize in recruitment of Milling and Turning Centers Programmers and Technologist. We offer 20 years of professional experience in technology profiles recruitment. Those years let us collect professional knowledge […]

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