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How to recruit CNC CAD-CAM Programmers

WBS sp. z o.o. recruit CNC CAD-CAM Programmers for customers who are located in Poland and other UE countries. We specialize in recruitment of Milling and Turning Centers Programmers and Technologist.

We offer 20 years of professional experience in technology profiles recruitment. Those years let us collect professional knowledge about CNC Centers and system software what is the most important to recruit experienced employees.

On the first hand our specialization is recruitment of CNC CAD-CAM Programmers who create software solutions and on the second hand we work with Pulpit CNC Programmers who are able to work effectively as programmers and experienced operators.

WBS sp. z o.o. recruitment agency conduct selection and verification of candidates taking into account customers’ requirements. As a result, WBS sp. z o.o. present candidates who really met expectations. We are taking into consideration professional experience and skills and personality as well. As mentioned personality and work stability is also key factors on that positions – we are aware of that.

Sectors we work for:
– Automotive
– Gas & Oil
– Aviation
– Machining industry
– Others

What is important to us when conducting the recruitment process for the position of CNC cad-cam Programmer?

  • Work experience in a position with similar responsibilities
  • Practical implementation of cnc technology methods
  • Effective identification and elimination of barriers
  • Practical knowledge of machining
  • and others

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Our experience
includes as follows:
employed persons

We invite you to contact us in order to discuss the details of our offer as well as to adapt it to your needs and expectations.

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