How to find, recruit Growth Hacker Marketing Specialist/Manager

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How to find, recruit Growth Hacker Marketing Specialist/Manager

Companies strive to maximize their sales and margins. To do so, we reach out to marketers who build a system of marketing activities that determine sales. There are many marketing models to choose from, however the fastest growing field in recent years is growth hacker marketing focusing its activities exclusively on growth, combining marketing, new technology and sales. This approach encompasses the entire purchasing process leading to the development of new marketing solutions.

What does a Growth Hacker Marketing Manager/Specialist do?

Growth marketing requires relying on data describing a given customer behavior downloaded, for example, from Google Analytics or Tag Manager tool. It is on their basis that the growth hacker develops new marketing strategies, testing innovative ways to achieve growth in the shortest possible time. By comprehensively verifying each stage of the customer’s behavior, the growth hacker is in touch with all possible factors influencing sales (awareness, decision-making, website optimization, readability and many others).

Accordingly, a competent Growth Hacker Marketing Manager/Specialist…

– has technical skills and an analytical mind
– is proficient with data analysis tools such as Google Analytics and others
– has theoretical and practical knowledge of traditional marketing, and is no stranger to sales
– reacts quickly to any constantly changing conditions and adjusts marketing activities accordingly
– is up to date with any technological innovations and the latest marketing trends

How do you find the right candidate with the above qualities?

Taking into account the nature of growth marketing, finding an experienced specialist for this position is not the easiest tasks. It is not difficult to misjudge the competence of an applicant. Here, however, we, WBS sp. z o.o., recruitment agency which has been successfully recruiting specialists with a marketing profile for more than a dozen years, come to the rescue. The experience gained by conducting hundreds of recruitment processes has resulted in our ability to select the right candidate who fits the expectations of our customer. If you are looking for experts in recruiting for the position of Digital Marketing and E-commerce Specialist/Manager, we invite you to contact us.

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