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WBS sp. z o.o., as the recruitment company located in Poland (operating in whole country and Europe), specializes in acquiring of the highly qualified specialists for the various economic sectors. We successfully reach the hard to reach candidates having unique qualifications and experience. We conduct the recruitment processes in Poland as well as abroad.

As the recruitment company we have extensive experience in providing of the following services:

Recruitment – We use all modern methods of looking for candidates as well as we select the most effective methods in order to implement the individual projects.
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Executive Search – We focus on a direct access to the qualified managers and key specialist having skills that are extraordinary on the labour market.
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Organization of competitions for top-level (senior) management positions – We organize any competitions for the management positions in private companies, public institutions, high schools, etc. However, recruitment and selection for these positions require the special methods of verification of candidates.
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Scope of Operations

WBS sp. z o.o. recruting company, gathering a network of consultants who specializes in Executive Search method, is able to implement the recruitment and advisory projects in Poland as well as in other European countries. As the member of International Executive Search Association (IESA) we can operate effectively recruiting for our Customers best employees and partners representing various specializations as well as ready to take up employment all around the country and abroad.

What Makes Us Extraordinary?

  • Effectiveness - We seek to enhance the effectiveness and performance of any processes we implement.

  • Individual Approach to a Customer - We listen to needs of employers and employees in order to find the constructive solutions. For each project we use an individual approach, selecting appropriate tools and methods of actions. The case-by-case and individual approach to a Customer is a part of our philosophy. In each case the offer is prepared taking into account the needs of an individual enterprise. Depending on the needs and expectations of a given Customer, we select the appropriate tools and methods of actions.

  • Regular communication with a Customer –  We report the progress of our work/ status of the performed actions on a regular basis

  • Channels to reach – Simultaneous usage of all available channels to reach potential candidates (classic recruitment, social media, headhunting /soft headhunting, database, etc.). Due to current situation on the labour market, using of a wide range of possibilities is an essential condition of the effective recruitment in order to reach potential candidates.

  • Specialization – In order to act more effectively and efficiently, the recruitment agencies specialize in recruitment of the particular professional profiles. To do it, the highly qualified specialists who can identify the ranking value of a given candidate, are required. Currently, on the labour market the recruitment and selection of personnel, especially senior staff (directors, managers), is gaining more and more popularity.

  • Staff – The customers asking any recruitment agency for help expect that the highly qualified and experienced specialists will be responsible for the recruitment process. The staff is a heart of each company, in particular a recruitment company. Without help of an expert the accomplishment of any order could not be possible. Therefore, it is very important that the positions in this kind of companies were taken by specialists who feel a calling.

  • References – The professionally accomplished order ensures lots of mutual benefits - an employer gains a precious employee and a candidate takes up employment under good conditions and with the interesting development perspectives. Our work and actions are confirmed by references (recommendation letters) for the reliable provision of a given service. These references constitute a relevant proof of the effectiveness of actions taken by the recruitment company and help potential Customers to make a decision concerning using of services of this company.

  • We use our own base of candidates – The dedicated Database of Engineers as well as the Base of Business Profiles make the recruitment process easier and more effective and our Customers have a wider access to best candidates available on the labour market.
  • Business operation - We have been present on the market since 2005 year what translates into our experience we gained within this period. Our long-standing business results in a continuous development, enhancement, updating of knowledge and acquiring new skills in order to help any employers in constantly changing conditions.

  • Procedures – This is a set of all necessary tools made in order to implement a given project that facilitates and improves the recruitment and selection processes on the basis of methods of professional selection of a personnel. Using of the proven procedures is a source of information on a professional potential, knowledge and skills of persons who participate in the recruitment process.

  • Confidentiality – All recruitment actions taken by us in order to implement any HR Consultancy projects are treated by us as the commercially sensitive information. It means that any documents and information, both written or oral, submitted by a Customer are confidential and constitute the trade secret of a given enterprise.



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We invite you to contact us in order to discuss the details of our offer as well as to adapt it to your needs and expectations.

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