Recruitment of CNC Programmer/Technologist

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How to recruit a CNC Programmer/Technologist

A CNC programmer, as the name suggests, programs CNC machines, in other words, creates certain instructions (CNC programs) according to which the appropriate trajectories of tool movement, spindle speed, tool parameters and other settings necessary for execution of a workpiece are set. The development of a well-functioning code makes it possible to make a variety of complex workpieces that can be used in various industries, if needed.
How to find a good CNC Technologist or Programmer?
“Find” is a good word, because the probability of qualified experts applying, once a job offer is published, is very low. As in most cases, candidates need to be found and offered a job offer adequate to their competencies.

We do it, WBS recruitment agency.

For the position of CNC Programmer/Technologist, we verify as follows:

– stability of employment
– knowledge of technical drawing
– in which CAM the candidate programs (e.g. MasterCam, Hypermill, SolidCam, EdgeCam)
– whether the candidate only programs (usually he/she does not come into contact with a machine) or is also an operator-programmer (depending on customer requirements)
– how often he/she develops new programs
– what type of device he/she programs, and on how many axes of operation
– the type of material the candidate works in
– the type of production the candidate has worked on
– ability to select appropriate tools
– foreign language (if a prerequisite)

Programming in CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) means:

– working directly on a 3D model (it allows the creation of complex workpieces)
– in CAM, the programmer converts toolpaths, machining strategies and parameters into G-Code so that it can be further reproduced by a CNC machine controller
– programming, which optimizes the process in terms of time and other parameters for producing a given workpiece

As with CNC Operators, we also recruit CNC Programmers and Technologists. Knowledge of the industry, the professional dynamics of the market and, above all, experience are the characteristics of our work.
If you are looking for a CNC Programmer or Technologist, please contact us by submitting the form (below) “Send your inquiry”, then we can discuss the details and start the recruitment process for you and your organization.

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