Recruitment of CNC Milling Machine or Lathe-Turning Machine Operator/Setter

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How to recruit a CNC Milling Machine or Lathe / Turning Operator?

When looking for this type of experts, advertisements do not work.

That’s why the mode of operation is the same as when recruiting other profiles we source, WHAT MEANS THAT: An expert must be found, and we are the ones who reach out to them and recruit them.

Skilled CNC Operators/Setters rarely look for a job, because it is the job that finds them.

When sourcing a candidate for a CNC Operator job, we verify the following characteristics:

– stability of employment

– type of machine (milling machine/lathe/other machines)

– ability to read technical drawings

– how many axes had the machine(s) on which the candidate worked

– type of a machine controller the candidate worked on

– type of material the candidate worked in

– understanding of the machining process

– ability to select the appropriate tools for a given workpiece

– type of production the candidate worked on (short/long runs)

– programming from the machine desktop or in CAM

– foreign language (if a prerequisite)

What exactly does a CNC OPERATOR/ SETTER do?

Such a person primarily operates machines that are numerically controlled, often milling machines or lathes, but it can equally be an EDM (electric discharge machine), press, saw, etc.

The complexity of the duties of a person in this position can vary depending on the organization of a given company, the type of production or level of sophistication and complexity of a given machine.

A person who wants to be an operator first of all must be a “technical profile”, be able to think analytically, have spatial imagination, etc.

What else does a CNC OPERATOR/ SETTER do?

– reads and understands a technical drawing (this is basic requirement)

– is able to make a workpiece based on a technical drawing

– selects the tools necessary to make a given workpiece

– is able to align a workpiece for machining on the machine

– is able to interfere with the program settings from the desktop (depending on the level of proficiency)

– checks the workpiece/measures the workpiece with the necessary tools such as caliper, micrometer


The operator can also be responsible for programming. About programming, or rather CNC Programmer/ Technologist we wrote more HERE – How to recruit a CNC Programmer/Technologist.

Recruiting the above profile is a challenge that consists of a number of different stages. This challenge is a daily event for us. As WBS recruitment agency, we have been successfully recruiting CNC profiles at home and abroad for more than a dozen years. We have knowledge in the field of machining and know how to verify it during recruitment.

Our experience is years of practice, so we are able to shorten the recruitment process to a minimum, maintaining reliability of our services.


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