Recruitment for the position of Managing Director

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Recruitment for the position of Managing Director

Increasing employment costs are forcing employers to seek specialized employees to optimize most processes so that the company consistently generates a certain profit. A person taking the position of Managing Director is responsible for raising the profitability of the entire organization by applying innovative solutions in the comprehensive management of the company. Controlling the achievement of goals, co-creating the company’s strategy and making decisions on its development are among the most important tasks of the Managing Director.
WBS recruitment agency has specialized in recruiting middle-level and senior management for over 15 years. By conducting numerous recruitment processes or competitions for management positions, we have gained valuable experience and skills that enable us to meet the expectations of our customers when executing projects of this type. Our experience not only allows us to carry out the recruitment process effectively, but also gives us the opportunity to offer our Candidates the best conditions for professional development, improvement of their qualifications and development of their passions.

Who are we looking for?

Persons we recruit for the position of Managing Director should have an university degree (major: Management is welcome) and, above all, practical knowledge of management in the broadest sense. Experience in the comprehensive management of an entire organization or several of its strategic departments is essential. Also valuable is the ability to analyze the financial parameters of the organization.
In addition, it is important to have experience in managing larger groups of employees, which is an additional challenge for this type of position. The human factor means that cooperation between employees can generate some conflicts, and an employee managing employee groups also has to deal with such challenges.
Candidates’ personality characteristics are also essential. The Managing Director should be a self-confident, responsible, independent, development-oriented, well-organized, resistant to stress and able to effectively manage a subordinate team of employees. The Managing Director should have the ability to think analytically and be open to innovative ideas, which as an element of the strategy will contribute to the effective development of the company.

What is important to us when conducting the recruitment process for the position of Managing Director?

  • Work experience in a position with similar responsibilities
  • Presentation by the Candidate of actual optimization activities carried out in the areas managed by the Candidate
  • Practical knowledge of management
  • Ability to analyse financial parameters of the company
  • Experience in managing larger groups of employees
  • Very good knowledge of English language
  • Ability to think analytically
  • Good organization of own work and self-discipline

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