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How to recruit B2B Salesman, KAM?

There are similar sales processes, however no processes are exactly alike.

The basic distinction is between B2B and B2C. What makes them different? ALL.The length of the sales process: in B2B it usually takes longer, in B2C it usually takes less time.
The purchase decision: in B2B it is usually more complicated, more people are involved in the decision-making process, many parameters decide, while in B2C it is usually quicker, more often influenced by emotions.
Transaction value: in B2B usually higher, in B2C usually lower.
Role of the seller: in B2B it is an account manager throughout the process, who advises, solves problems, etc., in B2C usually encourages the purchase and finalizes the transaction.
…We can list the differences endlessly….

We recruit the best B2B Salespeople

What are the characteristics of an effective B2B Salesperson?
A business customer will only be interested in an offer of a professional salesperson who has a substantive knowledge of the product or service being presented. Having a thorough knowledge of the product, a salesperson can individually adjust the terms of the offer for a given customer. Each customer may be interested in something different – for some the after-sales service will be important, and for others the parameters of the purchased product. It is up to a salesperson to recognize the customer’s purchasing process. Yes, the customer’s purchasing process is something that should be a point of special interest of the B2B salesperson, but in order for this stage to occur, it will be necessary to reach a decision-maker first, which, contrary to what one might expect, is not such an easy task. Without this, there will be no chance for the process to begin, which is why this skill is so extremely important. We can write and talk at length about the specifics and nature of B2B sales. Here are some of them.

What challenges the B2B Salesperson have to face?

– Excellent knowledge of the product/service
– Reaching out to a decision-maker or a group of decision-makers
– Learning about the customer’s problem
– Recognizing the customer’s purchasing process
– Preparing a customized offer for the customer
– Negotiating the commercial terms and conditions
– Building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers
– There are many more tasks and qualities of a good B2B Salesperson

How to find the right candidate with the required/critical features?

Given the nature of B2B sales, finding an experienced specialist for this position often fails. Every smallest factor can be of colossal importance – it is easy to misjudge the competence of an applying candidate. This is where we, the WBS recruitment company, which has been successfully recruiting experts with a commercial profile for over a decade, comes to the rescue. If you are looking for experts in recruiting for B2B commercial positions, we invite you to contact us.

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