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Recruiting the employees for our Customers:

  • We provide the guarantee for a given employee
  • We pursue the whole recruitment process comprehensively
  • We provide help and support in analysis and design of a profile of candidates
  • We successfully reach best, hard to reach candidates
  • We take parallel recruitment actions using all available channels to reach candidates
  • We use Soft-Headhunting and Classic Headhunting recruiting methods
  • We make verification of the achievements and references
  • We carry out a comprehensive assessment of qualifications of candidates
  • We report the recruitment process
  • We recommend the onboarding process (as an option)
  • We estimate the recruitment costs prior to the beginning of a given project
  • We guarantee discretion of the recruitment process
  • We save time of our Customer

As a recruitment company, acting under the business name Work & Business Solutions, we provide services in Poland as well as abroad. We use all modern methods of looking for candidates and we select the most effective ones in order to implement the individual projects. The crucial source of applications is our own extended database of candidates. In order to recruit a highly specialised staff we use Headhunting/Executive Search recruiting methods.

Carrying out the recruitment processes we ensure:

  • Conducting of the process by the experienced Project Manager specialised in recruiting of employees with certain skills and specialisation
  • Savings in time
  • Contact solely with candidates who meet the requirements
  • Fully verified candidates meeting the requirements of a given position
  • Access to best candidates on the labour market as a result of the tried-and-tested as well as effective recruiting methods
  • Guarantee for an individual, recommended employee
  • Reports describing the recruitment process, numbers and assessment of candidates participating in the recruitment process
  • Possibility of organization of videoconference and/or phone conferences with the selected candidates what make the remote, initial or final verification of the individual candidates possible
  • Preparation of the onboarding procedure with possibility to verify the effects of such an onboarding procedure
  • Following best practices of the Employer Branding
  • Successful completion of the implemented project

Stages of the Recruitment Process

The properly selected employees are the most powerful and precious potential of each company. The recruitment agencies acquire employees with appropriate qualifications that constitute one of the basic conditions of the success as well as enable further development of each enterprise.

We do our best to recruit for our Customers best candidates available on the labour market. We can effectively perform our function and do our jobs due to the procedures we implement:

  1. Determination of the Scope of our Activities
    We listen to needs of the employers. In each case the offer is prepared taking into account needs of an individual enterprise in order to provide it the satisfactory solutions. The case-by-case and individual approach to the Customer is a part of our philosophy. Depending on expectations of a given Customer, we select appropriate tools and methods of action.
  2. Selection of Channels to Reach
    We prepare the recruitment announcements according to the guidelines of the Customer and then we publish them on the all-Poland and local web portals, expert forums as well as in social media. Simultaneously, we use all available sources to reach the potential candidates (classic recruitment, social media, headhunting /soft headhunting, database, etc.). Due to current situation on the labour market , using of a wide range of possibilities is an essential condition of the effective recruitment in order to reach the potential candidates.
  3. CV Selection
    We monitor and verify all submitted applications of candidates as well as we select such CVs that are best suited to the detailed profile of a searched employee prepared in cooperation with the Customer.
  4. Recruitment Processes
    We conduct the recruitment process on the basis of individual talks with candidates which are based on the structured in-depth and competency interviews . To do this, we use such tools as the individually prepared competency tests, language tests as well as Assessment Center.
  5. Recommendation of Selected Employees to Customers
    All recommendations of candidates are prepared in a form of a drafted CV template in which the verified competences and skills of an individual employee are filled in.
  6. Job Interview of a Given Employee with Customer
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We invite you to contact us in order to discuss the details of our offer as well as to adapt it to your needs and expectations.

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