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Carrying out the competition for a management position, we take the actions as follows:

  • The competition is organized according to the internal regulations of an organization/company
  • We organize competition at all stages: from advertisement to interviews made in presence of the Selection Board and preparation of a report with a given recommendation
  • We take parallel recruitment actions using all available channels to reach candidates
  • We successfully reach best, hard to reach candidates
  • We use Soft-Headhunting recruiting method, if the procedure allows for such a support of the process
  • We verify all documents indicated in the procedure
  • We provide help and support in analysis and design of a profile of candidates
  • We make verification of the achievements and references
  • We carry out a comprehensive assessment of qualifications of recruiters
  • We examine the personal characteristics of candidates that may have an impact on effective functioning in the organization
  • We check the factual knowledge of candidates
  • We estimate the competition costs prior to the beginning of a given project
  • We recommend the onboarding process (as an option)
  • We give the guarantee for a given employee
  • We save time of our Customer

Work & Business Solutions, as one of the few recruitment companies, specializes in the comprehensive organization of the competition for a management position in private companies, for official posts, research workers, etc. Recruitment and selection for these positions require special methods of verification of candidates.

The following entities benefit from our services related to organization of competitions for a given position:

  • Public authority and organisational units of local government:
    - central and regional offices, municipal/communal authorities
    - budgetary units (cultural institutions, health care bodies, etc.)
    - public high schools
  • Non-governmental organisations (foundations and associations, etc.)
  • Cooperatives
  • Private enterprises

Advantages arising out of the competition for a management position organized by an external company:

  • Access to candidates who best respond a position and Customer’s requirements
  • Obtaining of any objective and reliable information on the level of the selected competences of candidates
  • Assessment of employees’ characteristics and competencies that may have an impact on more effective functioning in a given organization
  • Impartial assessment and reliability in a decision-making process
  • Usage of tools adopted to needs of a given institution

W&BS, as the external company, prepared a system for the impartial evaluation of candidates, taking into consideration their readiness to perform the function on a given position as well as meeting the formal criteria. The professional skills, motivation as well as all required soft competences are verified by:

  • Making the structured in-depth interviews
  • Verification of the substantial knowledge
  • Verification made on the basis of competency tests
  • Using of simulation plays (as an option)
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