Recruitment of Production Director/Manager

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How to recruit Production Director/Manager

Increasing production and labor costs are forcing employers to look for experts to optimize production processes so that the organization remains competitive and constantly controls costs. A person assuming or already holding the post of Production Director/Manager is responsible for increasing the efficiency/profitability of the entire organization by applying some innovative solutions to the various stages of the production process.
For more than 15 years, WBS recruitment company has specialized in recruiting of experts related to the broadly defined area of production management. Working with manufacturing companies, we have gained valuable experience and skills that enable us to meet the expectations of our Customers when executing projects of this type. Our experience not only allows us to effectively carry out the recruitment process, but also gives us the opportunity to offer our Candidates the best conditions for professional development, improvement of their qualifications and development of their passions.

Who are we looking for?

Employees we recruit for the position of Production Director/Manager should have a technical education and, above all, practical knowledge, including that of management. Often it is necessary to have experience in a specific/related industry, thanks to which a candidate is perfectly familiar with the specifics of production of a given assortment. It is also important to have experience in conducting internal audits of production processes, knowledge of modern methods and trends in production process management, the ability to identify bottlenecks, as well as practical experience in optimizing production processes, for example in the field of machine changeover time and failure rate analysis (SMED tool), or recognition of areas where waste may occur (MUDA tool).
Personal qualities of candidates are also essential. The Production Director/Manager should be a responsible, independent, development-oriented, well-organized person, resistant to stress and able to effectively manage a subordinate team of employees. He or she should not be afraid to come up with his or her own initiatives, but should openly propose any innovative ideas and solutions to improve production processes.

What is important to us when conducting the recruitment process for the position of Production Director?

  • Work experience in a position with similar responsibilities
  • Practical implementation of Lean Manufacturing methods
  • Effective identification and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Presentation by the Candidate of actual optimization activities carried out by him/her in production area
  • Optimization of the manufacturing process using value stream mapping (VSM)
  • Practical knowledge of management

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