Recruitment of Chief Accountant

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Recruitment of Chief Accountant

Finance is the lifeblood of each company. Effective management and control of accounting and financial processes directly affects the stability of the company. If we do not have a CFO on board, it is the Chief Accountant who is a direct support for the company’s management board in any accounting and financial matters. Even if the company has an extensive financial management structure headed by a CFO, the role of the Chief Accountant is the leading one in the efficient management of the company’s finances.
For us as a recruiting company specializing in attracting the best professionals and experts, it is crucial to distinguish between the professional categories of Chief Accountants:
– Chief Accountant accounting for manufacturing companies
– Chief Accountant accounting for commercial companies

We are experienced in recruiting Chief Accountants specializing in both accounting for the entire structure of a manufacturing company and the trade itself. We understand very well the difference between the accounting issues faced in both cases.

How to find a competent Chief Accountant?

Unfortunately, these people are not looking for jobs on popular job portals.
We are looking for them.
We have been doing it for years.

Competencies such as:

– Correct and timely submission of any accounting documents to Tax Office, Social Security Office and Central Statistical Office, internal reporting – this is a standard
– Preparation of a balance sheet is also a standard.

Most often we are looking for Chief Accountants from whom the Management Boards expect more, e.g. with competencies such as:
– Optimization of internal procedures for document circulation
– Improvement of the system in terms of production cost accounting (cost centre)
– In-depth cost analysis – the Chief Accountant becomes a partner of the Management Board in cost analysis
– Analyzing and planning of the financial result
– Shareholders settlements
– Effective team management
– Cooperation and maintaining contacts with external institutions such as Tax Offices, Social Security Offices, Central Statistical Offices, Banks, etc.
– and many other competencies that we can discuss …….

If you are looking for experts in recruiting for the position of Chief Accountant (and more), feel free to contact us.

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