Recruitment of Sales Director/Manager

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Recruitment of Sales Director/Manager

WBS specializes in recruiting salespeople in domestic and international sales/export. When searching for the best candidates for our customers, we focus on making sure that the candidate best matches our customer’s expectations.

What should the ideal candidate for the position of Sales Director be like?

A Sales Director is a leader who has a relevant sales experience, knows the industry in which he or she works, as well as is able to build and motivate a sales team to achieve specific goals. A person hired for this position should have negotiating skills, be able to assess the risks of a given project and have the courage to make difficult decisions – often under time pressure. An important factor we look for in a candidate is also a high resistance to stress. The head of the sales department should also know a foreign language due to cooperation or possible cooperation with partners from other countries. A significant number of companies have an export department as a part of their sales structures. Participation in the key phase of negotiations often means the need to involve the Sales Director at this stage and effective discussions in a foreign language.

Knowledge of the industry and acquisition of distribution channels.

This is one of the most important qualities of a good candidate for the position of Sales Director. When recruiting for sales management positions, we verify the ability to acquire new distribution/sales channels, which is a key objective of this position. We examine experience in developing distribution channels such as:
– modern channel
– selected sales networks
– wholesalers
– own stationary retail outlets
– franchising
– Internet channel
– fairs, events, shows
– tenders
– others

Team management. This is also one of the key characteristics of a Sales Director. In this position, you need to constantly motivate the team, settle accounts with employees for real results, but you also need to be supportive of your employees when they need it.

Key personality characteristics: assertiveness, self-confidence, responsibility, social ease, open to arguments and their evaluation.

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